22 April 2014

MAC Tres Cheek Collection | Modern Mandarin & Lovecloud

I don't know why but as soon as Spring has sprung and the sun stops hiding I go absolutely cheek mental, highlighter, cream blusher, powder blusher, bronzer, you name it and if it goes on or around my cheek area I'm going to be buying it so this collection couldn't have come at a better time for me! 

Tres Cheek was a Limited Edition collection of 6 blushers from a couple of years ago and four of the shades are coming back for good - don't you just love it when MAC bring back shades as permanents?! All the fun without the stalking and going out of stock anxiety (Riri Woo, I'm looking at you!). Joel bought me these two for my Birthday after he got fed up of me staring at them wistfully and taking them in and out of my basket and they are both so perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming sunny months. Lovecloud is a beautiful pink which seems to have a tiny hint of peach in there which is probably why I love it so much, this really is the perfect shade for spring and paler skin tones. Modern Mandarin is described as 'red orange' which scared me a little and clown like make up came to mind but it is honestly such a gorgeous colour and when applied lightly it gives you a lovely healthy looking flush and I can imagine it to look even better when I'm a bit darker in the Summer.

Out of the two Modern Mandarin is the most pigmented so you have to start lightly with that one and Lovecloud takes a bit of building up but that's the beauty of them, they're both extremely buildable so you can have as little or as much colour as you like. They're both satin finishes and out of the other couple of Mac blushes I have of the same finish these are the most frosted looking and have more of a noticeable sheen on your cheeks which isn't a bad thing, the more help towards the perfect glowing complexion the better!

So that's my cheeks sorted for the forseeable future and if you like what you see then these are now permanent shades so you don't have to panic buy, these little lovelies will be around for a while yet!

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  1. They are both so pretty! I need to try a MAC blusher :) x


  2. Replies
    1. MAC have so many pretty shades! xx

  3. Both are lovely shades! I'm the same, obsessed with blusher at the moment :) x


    1. It's as soon as spring comes around, I just want peachy glowing cheeks! xx